Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces/Foothills

(Jan) Walking has been so much fun! The streets here are wide and even and great for walking. We usually walk right after breakfast and then 1, 2 or sometimes 3 times more as the day goes along. It’s been getting into the 70’s each day and probably in the 40’s each night. We wear sweatshirts, vests and jeans in the evening.

Landscaping here is great and of course, very different from Iowa. It’s a desert climate so no grass. Most lots have 2” of pea sized gravel on them with different kinds of cactus. Most trees are palm, palo verde or ficus. There are some great designer yards with different colors of gravel, dry-bed streams and a variety of gates & benches. I love the Mexican brick walls that separate the properties. Very nice.

During the day and sometimes at night we have F18 jets flying over from the near by Marine Air base. Sometimes they’re quite low and really roar as they go by. We’ve loved watching and hearing them.

In this area of the foothills there are many developed lots with houses or parks models. But interspersed liberally you’ll find lots like the one we’re on. It’s a double lot with 4 RV’s renting space. Two of our neighbors are from Washington and the other is from North Dakota.

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