Monday, January 7, 2008


(Chuck) Her we are in Yuma, Arizona. Sweat shirt in the morning and tee shirts in the afternoon. I think this is about right. We were at the Escapees KOFA Park for three days and have now moved into the Foothills. We were so fortunate to find the perfect spot for us. Most RV spaces in the Foothills are by the month (about $300) and have a two month commitment. We found a place that is available until the first of February. Our lot is a few spaces West of 35th street and Ironwood. That gives us a place to stay for what ever time we want for $8.00 per day. We will be here for one or two weeks and it will be perfect for us. We went to visit my folks today and tonight sometime Jackie and Butch will arrive. It is good to have this thing parked for a little while and have a place to be. We have been moving too much since we left Iowa.

We met some wonderful people at the Escapees KOFA Park. Some are serious Boondockers who know how to take care of themselves in the outback. Also we met a great couple who have promised to help us through the activities with the Boomers at Quartzsite. We are looking forward to Q after our stay here in Yuma with Jackie and Butch and my folks.
Happy Trails

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