Tuesday, January 22, 2008


(Jan) Quartzsite....wow! What can I say! Just an amazing place. We followed the directions and arrived at 'Boomerville' last Friday about noon. We're somewhere out here in the desert 4-5 miles southeast of Quartzsite with some of the greatest people in the world. There are probably 80-90 rigs here at present and many feel that more will arrive for this week-end.

The desert - unlike I had anticipated; more rocks and with more vegetation. We're on a gentle slope in the far southeast corner of Scadden wash. We have several saguaro cacti and a small wash in our 'back yard'.

Dry camping - really not a hardship at all. We're a little conservative with water and electrical use but otherwise it's pretty much life as usual. We don't have any solar panels (yet) but do have a small generator to recharge our batteries. We haven't set up our dish network here yet but have been busy enough that we haven't missed television. Chuck and I both use our lap tops a lot and very much appreciate all of the e-mails we have been receiving.

The people - We joined the Boomers, part of the Escapees group last December so that is how we came to be parked in Boomerville. What a great group! There is always something going on and many times we are just exhausted by time evening is over. We're learning how to play Pegs and Jokers and have had some great visits with our neighbors here. Conversation and laughter roll freely and we are enjoying every minute!

The Quartzsite event - Huge. Kind of a cross between the Iowa State Fair and a large RV/travel show with a liberal amount of dust thrown in and LOTS of people. Lots to see and do and eat.

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