Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yuma Again

(Chuck) Today is the big event, Superbowl Sunday and we are once again in Yuma, Arizona. Quartzsite was a great experience. We spent two weeks in the desert with the Boomers. They are truly some of the most genuine people we have had the pleasure to be with. Most all are very supportive in their words and actions. Good people to be with and we look forward to seeing them again. Many of the Escapees and the sub group Boomers are full time travelers. They have a special way of looking at the world and do not feel the anchor of having “roots” in any certain locality. I like this kind of freedom. Boomers hold many informal “get togethers” through the year. They are called “Boomerrangs” and the first rule is always “there are no rules”. We learned a lot about being “off the grid” in the desert. It is not hard to manage the water and electrical needs. It is only a matter of realizing that need to “live within your means”. Not a bad lesson for all of us to do at one time or another in life.

And again we are now in a site in the Foothills. We will be here for about a week. It gives us another chance to visit with my parents. I have a few things on the trailer to repair, a drawer and an electrical outlet. If the weather cooperates and is warm, I think I can make those two things last for the week. Also the wide smooth streets here are great for walking and we will make good use of them.

Until next time, Happy Trails.

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