Monday, February 11, 2008

Yuma To Casa Grande

(Chuck) We are parked at the Pinal County Fairgrounds at Casa Grande, Arizona. Nick Russell’s Gypsy Journal Newspaper is host to a four day seminar for RV’ers. There are sessions on all aspects of RV’s and the things that are unique to the lifestyle. It will be a good chance to review things. The weather is shorts and tee shirts. I think that is the way it is supposed to be.

After Q we were in Yuma again. We were fortunate to find a place for a week in the Foothills. That is the second time we found a site for a week’s stay. It gave us a chance to again visit with my parents and it is also a great place for us to walk. We have enjoyed taking walks throughout the day. One day we took a day trip to Algodondes, Mexico. It is a border town with a flair for merchandising. Vendors line the sidewalks and streets with no apparent divisions or storefronts. The town is primarily a drug store and pharmacy. In addition to that dentists and optometrists ply their trade alongside sellers of pottery, clothing, tin ware, jewelry, and anything else that will relieve a tourist of a handful of greenbacks. There are no prices listed on the merchandise. If you ask for a price, it will start at $40.00 and quickly be bantered down to a reasonable $8 or $10. It is a wild ride on the side of free enterprise.

We left Yuma Saturday and spent that night at Rover’s Roost. That is a SPK COOP park here in Casa Grande. We were fortunate to arrive on the day they have the annual Las Vegas Night. It was a ton of fun. You bought five hundred dollars of Monoply money for a genuine five dollars. With the fun money you had a great time at Black Jack, Craps, and several other unique games of chance. With your “Winnings” you could purchase a chance on about twenty different door prizes.

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