Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cache GCE8E1 - 3/8/08

(Jan) Sat afternoon Chuck and I went out in search of the Long Tube Cache. Our co-ordinates, N33 47.389 W114 05.805, took us about 8 miles east on Plomosa Road where we parked and then walked about a quarter mile north off into the desert. We soon found ourselves up on a ridge of broken rock and found the cache, a long green military type tube buried under stones on the ridge. We signed the notebook and looked at the ‘treasures’ but didn’t exchange anything. Fun search!

On our way back to the road, we visited the Bouse Fisherman Intaglio. It is a geoglyph created by a previous culture many years ago. Essentially it is a drawing scraped out of the desert rocks and surface.

We also drove further up the road and stopped at the Quinn Pass. We decided to get out and hike up into the hills and found 2 small hard rock mines. One of them was dug into the hillside about 8 feet and was 5-6 feet high. The scenery in the area was gorgeous and we sure enjoyed the afternoon.

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