Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roosevelt Lake

(Jan) Life has been good here in Arizona. The days were getting up into the lower 90's so last week end we moved farther north to the Roosevelt Lake area. It is just a beautiful site with a sparkling lake, very interesting bridge, awesome dam and the Tonto Cliff dwellings. Add to that a wonderful show of spring flowers blooming and we're in seventh heaven. We joined good friends Dean and Judy Sheeley here and the pictures above show us on the trail up to the dwellings. You can see the dwellings in the background. One of the things we did Monday was drive 60 miles north to see their cabin. It is near Forest Lakes and on the Mogollon Plateau so it was in the 40’s and there was big snow drifts blocking their front door. What a beautiful place and what a difference elevation can make!
Yesterday we moved further north near Rye. We are up on a hill surronded by mountains dusted on the tops with snow. It is breezy today and in the 70's. Chuck and Dean are out in an area near here prospecting. Dean belongs to a group who has rights to this claim. Judy and I have been catching up on our computers plus cooking for those hard working men. Last night we had chicken enchiladas, rice and marinated bean salad; tonight it will be grilled shrimp, grilled vegetables and crepes. Yum!

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