Sunday, March 9, 2008

Notes from Sidewinder Road

(Jan) Our stay at Sidewinder near Ogilby Hills was another of life’s pleasant surprises. Jerry and Nancy Hurley joined us on Monday afternoon and we had a great time catching up on news and travels since Boomerville. The following day we went down to Los Algodones. We enjoyed the trip together, the shopping and the shrimp tacos!

Every afternoon @ 4:00, in true Boomer tradition, Donna and Ron Monroe, the Hurleys and the Moores had Happy Hour; lots of fun visiting, sharing snacks and beautiful sunsets. Last Sunday morning we all attended Mass together at St. Thomas Indian Mission followed by lunch together. We had a wind storm that day. The air looked like we were having a blizzard, only it was sand blowing instead of snow. The rest of the day was spent indoors! We said goodbye to the Monroes the following morning as they pulled out to head north.

Genealogy is an interest of both the Hurleys and ours so we had some great discussions about resources, methods and computer programs. We discovered that we share German and Irish heritage and just may prove that we're distance cousins somehow.

Geocaching was the pursuit one afternoon as we packed up our GPS units and headed out. We had a lot of fun finding all 3 sights but only found 2 of the caches. ‘Sticks and Stones’ eluded us. Anyone have a clue to share at that sight? We’ll have to go back and search another time.

We traveled to Yuma several times to visit with Gale and Joanne. They are both doing great. We shared some laughter and lunches and visiting on the veranda. The last day we were there, Joanne and I discovered a hummingbird nest in their tangelo tree. A tiny little thing the size of a golf ball absolutely filled with 2 tiny little birds. Amazing!

Chuck and I spent lots of mornings hiking and climbing through the Ogilby hills. It’s a really interesting place. Part of the range is covered with large dark brown boulders which from a distance looks like chocolate chips! Our favorite climb was up a dry stream bed or wash on the western face. From there we chose a different path each day to get back down and around the range. We’re looking forward to visiting there again someday.

Friday morning we packed up, said good bye to the Hurleys and headed to Plomosa Road north of Quartzsite to listen to some Blue Grass music.

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