Thursday, April 17, 2008

At the farm

(Jan) Here we are back in Iowa. We came home to a very wet, snowy, windy welcome and wished to be back in the Arizona sunshine. It snowed Friday and Saturday, 4/11 & 12, and Tuesday morning, 4/15, it hit a low of 26 degrees at 4:00 A.M. Finally today the wind has died down and it was 74 degrees. We took a long walk through the soybean fields and enjoyed being out in the fresh air again.

We arrived back Monday, April 7th just in time to celebrate dad’s birthday at my uncle’s house. Dad’s the oldest of 12 and for the last ten years or so his brothers and sisters have been getting together on their birthdays. Two of the brothers have passed away but nine of the remaining siblings plus spouses were there for dad’s 92nd birthday.

This picture is of dad entertaining with his accordion; he’s played since was a young boy. My brother and sisiter-in-law joined the party, too, and later we enjoyed pizza at the local Godafather’s.

Over the week-end we made a trip to Ames to visit with our oldest son Brent and family. Had a fun visit. Played cards and put together puzzles and caught up on all of the family doings. Their youngest, Libby, has especially grown. She and Grampa were close buds for most of the afternoon. Chuck, Brent, Michael and Stephen went shopping for a back up system for our computers while Gramma, Katie and Anne played Wii. Donna said that at her doctor’s appointment in May they will find out if their expected addition will be a boy or a girl.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with 5 friends that I’ve known for the past 30 years or so. We’ve gone through life getting together for everything from baby showers to kids weddings and we now try to meet 6 times a year for our birthdays.

Chuck and I have been on closet cleaning duty since we got back. After having lived in 300 square feet, so many possessions seem unnecessary. Lots of ‘stuff’ got pitched or donated to the local charity. What a liberating experience!

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