Friday, April 4, 2008

Deming to Tularosa

(Chuck) Today is just like any other day. You never know what surprise will be in store for you. We left Deming, NM about 9:30 this morning. We stopped at the Las Cruces rest stop and snapped a picture of the “Roadrunner” It is a big art work made of all recycled “junk” materials; headlights to tennis shoes are what he is made of.

Then we hit the trail again and stopped at White Sands National Monument. It has been decades since we were there with the kids. We dropped the rig in the parking lot and drove out in the dunes with the pickup. It was a fun stop.

Our last stop was at The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site. This site is under BLM management and is 17 miles North of Tularosa, NM. We had a two and one half hour hike through the site in the hills and we were able to boondock at the area this evening. There are over 21,000 petroglyphs here and it is a great place to view this ancient art work. These pictures were made with stone tools by removing the dark patina on the exterior of the rock.
This could be our last day with shorts and tee shirts for quite a while. Iowa April's are “nice” compared to January, however it isn’t shorts weather.
Three Rivers Petroglyph Site is a wonderful surprise. We were hoping for one last chance to stay on BLM ground and we were fortunate to find it.

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Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

see, i told you i would visit your blogspot. sounds like you are finding all kinds of interesting places. i didn't even know about all those petroglyphs. email me and tell me how to put pics on my blogspot. chica misses you. Judy

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