Monday, May 26, 2008

Saylorville Reservoir

(Jan) We headed for Saylorville Reservoir Wednesday 5/14 to spend a long week-end at the Corp of Engineer’s park there. Our camping spot was just below the dam and we made lots of trips down to the discharge area and to watch the turbulent river water rush out of the 22 foot tube. Awesome! We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and the Butterfly Garden as well as doing the Geology Hike. On Friday we enjoyed a visit to the State Historical Museum in Des Moines. On Saturday morning Eric, Cheri, Ryan and Jessica stopped by to visit; they were in Ankeny for Cheri’s niece’s graduation. Also, on Saturday, Brent, Stephen, Katie and Michael came down in the evening and Sunday we drove up to Ames to have dinner and celebrate Brent and Donna’s 13th Anniversary. It’s been great being with the kids and grandkids again.

Planting season

(Jan) While we were home in April, Lynn applied anhydrous ammonia fertilizer to our fields and planted the corn with his new 12 row planter.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday in Halbur, IA

(Jan) We had a wonderful time on Mother's Day at my mom and dad's house in Halbur, Ia. Mom made her special pork roast; it's better than anyone else has ever made it. My brother Glen, sister-in-law Mary Ann and their son and daughter Andy and Susie were able to join us, too. We had a great time catching up on all of the news.
That evening I got to talk to Eric & Cheri and Josh, Sarah and Allison on the phone. What a great day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sat. in Ames, Iowa

(Jan) Got to spend Sat. at Brent and Donna's house in Ames. Great Mother's Day pizza lunch and then on to the games! Stephen and I planned a golf - the card game - tournament for all of us to play. At left are 3 generations of Moore men; Stephen, Brent & Michael in front with Chuck in back. The three lovely ladies to the right are granddaughters Elizabeth(Libby), Katherine(Katie) and Anne. And the picture below is our daughter-in-law Donna with Libby.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


(Jan) Look what we saw on I29 as we were traveling north of St. Joe, Missouri; a Miss Geico unlimited hydroplane boat. This may be a spare boat since there was a race in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida May 4 and it's next race is in Ocean City, Maryland May 30. According to their web site, Miss Geico is the world's fastest off shore boat. It's 44 feet long and made of composite carbon epoxy. It has 2-1850 hp Lycoming T-53 (jet) engines and it's top speed is 185+ mph.
We stayed at Big Lake State Park near Mound City, MO May 5 & 6. The lake is a former part of the Missouri River, flat land with a large island in the middle. The river has since gone on a different path so this is now an ox bow lake. Lewis and Clark spent 2 nights here in 1804 on their journey west and stopped again on their way back. The campground and park area are spread out along more than a mile of shoreline. It was a wonderful place to walk and to watch birds. The robins were numerous, as well as red winged black birds, brown thrush, woodpeckers and blue jays. A favorite was watching the brightly colored Baltimore orioles dart among the trees. Wed. morning, before we left, we were treated to a flock of pelicans landing on the lake behind our rig.

Today we are headed home after spending the night at Viking Lake near Villisca in southern Iowa. It's another beautiful place, one more of life's little pleasures.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kansas - Part II

(Jan) We stayed at Leavenworth County State Fishing Lake for 4 nights. My sister, Linda and brother-in-law, Richard came out to visit one evening plus it was a great place for walking in between visits to family.
Linda and I had a lot of fun cooking & sharing recipes together. We had a great time getting to visit at a leisurely pace. The four of us had several lively games of Mexican Train plus walks down to their pond and breakfast out with their neighbors. Thursday evening nephew Chad and his kids got to join us for supper. That evening there was some pretty rough weather; tornado warnings and flat line winds. We were playing dominoes and Jeff and Tracy and kids popped in. They had been at Nick and Maggie's basketball games somewhere in Kansas City and had to leave the building! There were windows blown out down at the Legends shopping area 5-7 miles away and a barn whipped apart a few miles north. We were parked near Jeff & Tracey's horse barn that night and the trailer was rocking in the wind as the heavy rain came down somewhere around 2:00 A.M.
Friday evening we attended the rehearsal supper at The Carousel in downtown Leavenworth. It's the charming home of three assembled carousels that were built in the earlier 1900's several blocks from there. Chad and Megan had one of the carousels available for an hour for us. The kids, of all ages, had a ball riding the beautifully restored horses.

May 3 was Wedding Day for Chad and his beautiful bride Megan. The ceremony was very touching and the reception was great. The picture at left is my brother, Glen, myself and my sister, Linda chatting after dinner. It was fun getting to see all of the nieces and nephews and their kids all dressed up and having a good time.
The photographer below, of course, is Chuck!
On Sunday we had a family dinner at Tracey and Jeff's to close out a wonderful week. We said good-bye to Linda on Monday morning and headed north.
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