Thursday, May 8, 2008


(Jan) Look what we saw on I29 as we were traveling north of St. Joe, Missouri; a Miss Geico unlimited hydroplane boat. This may be a spare boat since there was a race in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida May 4 and it's next race is in Ocean City, Maryland May 30. According to their web site, Miss Geico is the world's fastest off shore boat. It's 44 feet long and made of composite carbon epoxy. It has 2-1850 hp Lycoming T-53 (jet) engines and it's top speed is 185+ mph.
We stayed at Big Lake State Park near Mound City, MO May 5 & 6. The lake is a former part of the Missouri River, flat land with a large island in the middle. The river has since gone on a different path so this is now an ox bow lake. Lewis and Clark spent 2 nights here in 1804 on their journey west and stopped again on their way back. The campground and park area are spread out along more than a mile of shoreline. It was a wonderful place to walk and to watch birds. The robins were numerous, as well as red winged black birds, brown thrush, woodpeckers and blue jays. A favorite was watching the brightly colored Baltimore orioles dart among the trees. Wed. morning, before we left, we were treated to a flock of pelicans landing on the lake behind our rig.

Today we are headed home after spending the night at Viking Lake near Villisca in southern Iowa. It's another beautiful place, one more of life's little pleasures.

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