Tuesday, June 3, 2008


(Chuck) At Saylorvile, IA we dabbled in genealogy. It was a good start for us. It had been a long time since we had done much actual research work and it has been fun. We moved on to Jasper County, IA to find more of what we could about my Vandeman and Dearinger families. We spent several days in the public library and the Jasper County Genealogical Society library. We stayed at the Jasper County, Mariposa Park.
May 19 Newton, IA Mariposa Co. Park (N41 47.002 W092 57.755) 998’ elevation. You can enter these coordinates in Google Earth and it will bring you right to the place where we were. It is a neat feature, I hope you enjoy it.

From Jasper County we moved up to Northeast Iowa to find more information on Jan’s ancestors who had moved through Dubuque and Clayton Counties. The New Vienna and Guttenberg Libraries were very helpful. The real goldmine in that area is The Dyersville Area Historical Society. Judy Weber is one of the driving forces that promotes the genealogy research in the area. Thank you Judy!!! The society maintains among many resources a library of thousands of obituaries that have been photocopied from local newspapers. They go back about 125 years and have given us wonderful additions to our genealogy database. I know that we have 75 or 80 obits to transcribe to Word. It will not be done this week, but they will help a lot to understand some of the collateral families. One other project that I have been adding is gravestone photographs. I like preserving these stones with photographs. It helps to provide a record of the writing on the stones. Many of the early marble and sandstone stones have noticeably deteriorated in the last 35 years that we have been visiting cemeteries.

We stayed several places in New Vienna, New Wine Park had flooded the day before we arrived and we stayed one night only because I was confident it was not going to rain Tuesday night. Wednesday the weather deteriorated and staying there again was not an option, so we moved up to the ball field area. Soon it rained again and the creek was out. We moved the rig further up the hill to the church parking lot that night. We were at New Vienna Memorial Day and the flags at the cemetery are always a wonderful sight.

May 26 New Vienna, IA New Wine Park Flooded
May 27 New Vienna, IA Ball field Lehman (N 42 32.860 W091 06.933)
May 29 New Vienna, IA Church Parking Lot (N 42 33.058 W091 06.895)

While we worked in Guttenberg we stayed in a large parking lot of a manufacturing plant that was closed. It didn’t cost anything and it served the purpose for us.

May 30 Gutenberg, IA Industrial Park (N 42 48.418 W091 06.958)

This was our genealogy work for the time being. We know that we have some courthouse work to be done in Clayton county and it will have to wait until we get back. Hopefully on the return trip from Chicago. We found that we were in great need of a grand kid fix and after Guttenberg we headed on East to Lake in The Hills, Illinois. It in a North East Chicago suburb and home to Eric, Cheri and a couple of great grand kids. We will be here for a while. We will take the kids up to Wisconsin for a few days and have a great time.

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Jerry and Nancy said...

Wow, can't believe the find of that obituary file!! But what would we expect with an historian named Weber employed there. Have fun in Illinois.

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