Monday, July 28, 2008

Colorado Boomerang

(Jan) What fun! Beautiful place, great people and even though we couldn’t sit outside and visit in lawn chairs we got around the mosquito issue by holding our Happy Hours at the nearby town park at Buena Vista. It was great to be back with the Bommers; meeting new people and having new experiences. Last Wednesday I went on a rafting trip down the Brown River Canyon south of Buena Vista. Chuck couldn’t go because of old neck injuries so I went with Boomers Lee and Edie, Chuck and Nancy G., Howe and Tom. We had a great group and our guide was exceptional. Exciting ride, beautiful canyon; it was awesome!

We went geocaching at 10,000 feet with Ken and Sue. We drove up the valley from Boomerville and visited the mining ghost towns of Vicksburg and Winfield and found several caches along the way. On Friday Darryl and Sheri asked us to go 4-wheeling with them up the Lost Canyon Valley. We had lunch along the way and at 12,000 feet we were amongst the snowy peaks and saw a herd (60+) of elk.

Absolutely an incredible view! We also saw a profusion of wildflowers,including the beautiful Columbine, the Colorado state flower.

Chuck put a hummingbird feeder on our window and we were entertained daily. The hummingbirds didn’t take long to find our feeder and many times up to seven or eight were soaring and buzzing around and fighting for position.

Other fun events were; Happy Hour each day at 4:00 P.M., hiking on the Colorado Trail with Tom, Laurie, Terrilu, Nancy, Chuck and I, eating with the group at a Mexican Restaurant and having a game day and Pizza party at the nearby town of Buena Vista. Chuck and partner Dave did well playing Bocce Ball and I learned how to play the very fun version of progressive Mexican train. Lee, Chuck, Sue, Sheri and Loretta, among many, shared photos.

After pizza Thursday night, while visiting and laughing, we decided that we should come up with a Mosquito Macarena for our group when we go to Quartzsite next January. It's been a great week! Many thanks to Kris and Dean, our hosts, who gathered us all together and made it all possible.

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