Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 2008

(Chuck) It has been 30 days since we have added to this blog. Our time has been spent with family in the Manning, Halbur, Iowa area. Jan’s family was able to gather for the 125 year celebration of her home town of Halbur, Iowa. It was a great time for family to gather and we made the most of it. We had professional photos taken of 42 of the 44 members of the family and I am sure they will be cherished for years to come. We also had a photo taken of us, our kids and their families.
The highlight of the celebration was the parade. Small communities rise to the occasion and it may not be possible to understand how this works without actually experiencing a small town parade. Prepare for at least two hours of floats and parade entertainment sponsored and manned by businesses and families. The kids collected a large amount of candy that was thrown from the floats, along with pencils, peanuts, frisbies and balls. The adults collected glasses of beer and margaritas…only in a small town! Add to that water being squirted at the crowd from floats and water balloons being tossed back. It was a blast.

Two hours after the parade Jan’s mother suffered a TIA, commonly known as a mini stroke. It was several tense hours and days for everyone, but we are happy to report that she has fully recovered and back to her normal lifestyle. We stayed a week longer in the area and are happy with her recovery. At this time my mother called and reported that my father was in the hospital in Yuma, Arizona. They have made their home in Yuma for a number of years. My father suffers from poor circulation in his legs and a number of other health issues. This hospitalization was the result of bleeding ulcer in his stomach. We left Iowa with the intention of going to Buena Vista, Colorado to attend a Boomerang. As we headed west from Iowa we did not know if we would divert south to Yuma or continue west to Colorado. Thank goodness for cell phones to communicate with. My father’s condition stabilized and they did cauterize the leaking blood vessels and things are looking far better for him. He feels good and his voice is very strong.

We have continued to the Boomerang at Clear Creek Reservoir north of Buena Vista, Colorado. We have had a good time with several other Boomers here. We have met several great new friends and have had a good time. This is all despite the largest infestation of mosquitoes that we have encountered in a long time. We are at Clear Creek Reservoir Buena Vista CO (N 39 01.194 W106 16.672) 8918’ elevation. I would not have thought that the mosquitoes would be a problem at 8900 feet elevation, but they are. At 7:30 in the morning they are anxiously waiting for you to open the door and look out. Sometimes if there is a breeze blowing you can stay active and or out run them. It is good to be with friends and we don’t regret this time at all, but it will be good to find another spot that is not so near to the reservoir and actually spend time out of the rig and enjoying the mountains.

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Nancy and Jerry said...

What a handsome family! And we enjoyed the parade photos. Sounds like a whole lot of fun. Glad the parents are doing okay, too.
Hope to see you along the way.
Nancy and Jerry

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