Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colorado Boomerang Parts II & III

(Jan) As the Colorado Boomerang came to a close, several Boomers moved the party to a new location. We joined them at Trout Creek Pass for Happy Hour on Saturday and Sunday and then moved our rig up to the forested site from Monday through Thursday. Trout Creek is in the San Isabel National Forest north east of Buena Vista, N F N38 54.548 W105 59.045 - 9,484 ft. We enjoyed lots of visiting and laughter, great dinners and campfires together. In the Chorus lines above are Marie, Terri, Bobbie, Jan, Edie and Nancy; Chuck G., Dave, Lee, Jim, Chuck and Rich. One evening Chuck spotted a mother bear and her cub ambling along near our campsite. There are 3 colorings of black bears; she was cinnamon and her cub was black. On Wednesday Chuck and I ran errands in Buena Vista and then drove up the old mining town of St. Elmo, year round population 4, where the town’s buildings are preserved rather than restored. The town, built around 1878, once had a population of 2,000. On the way down we spent time dappling our toes in a lovely cascading mountain stream.

Last Thursday, 5 rigs caravanned to De Weese Reservoir northeast of Westcliffe, N38 12.400 W105 26.760 - 7,775 ft. We were again surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains with a view of the reservoir, colorful sunsets and on several occasions, a double rainbow. It was a great place for walking, listening to the coyotes, watching lots of birds and of course, more food, companionship and campfires. On Saturday Lee and Edie, Chuck and I went geocaching in and around the Westcliffe area. We found all 5 caches and had a great time. On Monday we invited Jim and Bobbie to visit Mission:Wolf in the mountains above Gardner with us. It is home to 25 abandoned or abused wolves and wolf crosses. We went on an amazing tour of the grounds and wolf enclosures and were treated to an astounding song of wolf howls as one howl was answered by a chorus from all of the others. We were then allowed to enter 2 of the enclosures after being taught about wolf behavior. Here is our very adventurous friend Bobbie going face to muzzle with a very curious 4 year old named Magpie. We made it back to the reservoir for Happy Hour at 4 and then the group went to Poag Mahone’s in Westcliffe for supper.

After tearful good byes, this morning Chuck and I are on our way west. We are at Del Norte city park tonight N37 40.991 W106 21.210 – 7,028 ft. We already miss all of our new best friends but are looking forward to seeing Pagosa Springs, Silverton and Ouray again.

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