Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a small world

(Jan) Monday afternoon after we had settled into site #3 at Haviland Lake, we had a visitor who had noticed our Iowa license plates. To make a long story short, Colin’s wife Dorothy grew up on a farm 2 miles from our farm. Also, for many years in the ‘90’s we rented hay ground from her father Vyrl and knew him quite well. We met their 2 daughters and Dorothy explained that they could see our place from Grampa’s place across the valley. They have lived in New Mexico for the past 25 years. What a neat surprise!

We’ve enjoyed this wonderful slice of mountain camping; the wind whistling in the pines and the view of the lake. We’ve been outside most of the time. Chuck has been carving a new walking stick. We’ve been walking, playing cards and even built a cairn. Life is good!

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