Friday, September 26, 2008

Autumn in Iowa

(Jan) Iowa in the fall is a very pretty place! We spent a couple of days at Ledges State Park, a couple of days at the farm and now are at Yellowsmoke County Park near Denison N 42 01.696 W095 19.129 - 1285’ elevation We come here often when we are in the area and with it’s autumn finery displayed and mirrored by the lake it is indeed picturesque. The sites are large and shaded and there's great paved walking trails around the lake and into Denison. Our friends Jim and Jeri, Lynn and Mary and daughter Christine have been here also this week so there been plenty of camaraderie, good food and campfire conversation. This morning Jim and Jeri & Chuck and I make brunch over a wood fire. Delicious!

Yesterday we had to make a trip to Des Moines to the Iowa Retina Specialists. My dad has had loss of vision in his ‘good’ eye and got a drug injection right in the eye to stabilize his eyesight. There is a 33% chance he will see improvement in his vision. It is the only option currently available for ‘wet’ macular degeneration and we are hoping for the best. Chuck’s dad is still struggling with health issues, also. Leg circulation continues to be a problem and at this point he is at a rehab/nursing facility in Yuma.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

What a beautiful photo you posted today! It is too early in Arkansas, Missouri or Kansas...3 states we have seen in 2 days. Not cold enough yet.
Miss you guys greatly. Bobbie

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