Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lower Beaver CG to Great Sand Dunes NP

(Jan) We left Lower Beaver Sunday after 3 days of rainy weather. There were several hours each day that were sunny and we could get out and walk but Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening it hailed and rained hard. Saturday there was a Musicfest in South Fork from noon to 10:00 that evening. We went at noon and listened for awhile and then decided to come back later for a blue grass band. That’s when it started raining so we went to Mass at the mission church in South Fork that we had been to the week before. We were going to go to the Musicfest in the evening but it was 52 degrees and sprinkling and decided to go on home.

Sunday we packed up and headed for Alamosa. We made a shopping stop at the local Walmart and then called Bobbie and Jim. They had invited us to stay with them at their pad, with a view of Mount Blanca, in Alamosa for a couple of days. We had a wonderful time. Bobbie and I did our daily walks, we played lots of golf, went out to eat Mexican at one of their local favorites and grilled steaks to celebrate their anniversary. On Tuesday we headed over to Great Sand Dunes National Park. We were met at the entrance by our friends Dave and Marie who are camp hosting here in September and October. What a beautiful place! The dunes are remarkable and we’re again surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and a forest of pinon and juniper trees. Laurie and Odel were here in the park, also, and joined us for lunch. On Tuesday we decided to hike the Mosca Pass trail; 3.5 miles to the top and a gain in elevation of 1,600 feet. It was a very enjoyable but exhausting 5 hours, as we stopped for water and visiting breaks often. The trail followed a small stream, through aspen and pine forests and ended on top in a wide open upland meadow.

It rained shortly after we got back down but cleared up so we could enjoy a campfire at Dave and Marie’s that evening before Laurie and Odel left the following morning. We spent Thursday around the campground, at the Visitor’s Center and the stream near the base of the Dunes. We went to Happy Hour at Bobbie and Jim’s but it was short lived for me. I got sick and ended up at home for the rest of the evening eating soda crackers and drinking water. Chuck stayed for the fish fry and checked on me several times. Apparently, I got a little too dehydrated and my body demanded more water and rest.

The next morning everything was back to normal but I learned my lesson and haven’t stopped drinking water since. Friday brought more Boomer friends to join us as Lee and Edie rolled in that morning and Chuck and Nancy came in the afternoon. We had a fun Happy Hour(s) catching up on everyone else’s activities. That evening we were treated to another spectacular sunset.

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