Friday, September 12, 2008

Zapata Falls & Game Day

So what does one do after hiking to the top of High Dune? Plan an afternoon hiking trip.....
Lee and Edie, Chuck and I did go home and have lunch and rested for a bit but got together again and headed out to Zapata Falls. The road to the trail was a mile and a half of washboard switchbacks. We started our 20 minute hike from there on a fairly steep trail that was part off road jeep trail and part dry stream bed strewn with rocks. When we got to a stream we could hear the roar of the falls close by. The temperature dropped noticeably as we waded through the ice cold stream and entered a crevice in the wall. And what did we see as we turned the corner?
A magnificent 60 foot water fall!
We arrived back and went to Dave and Marie's for a late happy hour and Marie asked us to join them for Green Chili Stew. Yum! and having little energy left, we gladly accepted.
On Tuesday we walked the loops in the campground and visited with Dave and Marie in the morning. The afternoon was set aside for Pegs and Jokers. The six of us remaining Boomers spent the afternoon outside in the sunshine locked in friendly competition. Chuck and I are fairly new to the game, our experience coming from a couple of games at Q last year, but we joined in enthusiastically. The guys won both very close games! That evening we grilled at Dave and Marie's and visited the evening away. The next morning it was time to say goodbye to our friends and once more head out on the road. Bobbie and Jim and Nancy and Chuck G. had left on Monday; Lee and Edie and Chuck and I on Wednesday with Dave and Marie camp hosting at GSDNP through October. We've had the pleasure of spending time with our Boomer friends off and on since July 19 and leave with many fond memories.

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The Hurleys said...

That does it! We have to get up there to see the Great Sand Dunes Park. Sorry it couldn't have been with you guys. Thanks for all the great reports and photos. Have a safe trip back to Iowa. We are on our way north even if it's cold when we get there.

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