Friday, October 31, 2008

End of October

The weather in Yuma in October is HOT! It’s been reaching between 92 – 100 degrees each afternoon and air-conditioning is very welcomed if not a MUST. We parked at the Scheckert YMCA RV lot for the first 2 weeks and yesterday moved to a lot in the foothills. We’re on 53rd Street near Ironwood on a lot we stayed on several times last year. We’ll be here until Thanksgiving and will have some of the same neighbors as last year.

Chuck’s sister Jackie was here for a couple of weeks and we developed a regular routine of breakfast on Chuck’s mom’s patio, visiting Chuck’s dad at the Life Care center in Yuma and then supper back at Joanne’s (Chuck’s mom) house. On one of those evenings we helped Joanne celebrate her birthday! Chuck’s dad Gale is in a very nice facility and is receiving good care. We’ve been blessed to have this family time together.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're in Yuma

On our way home from Chicago, Chuck’s mom called and said that his dad was having medical difficulties so we drove through Halbur to see my folks for a short time, stopped at the farm for a few things and then headed for Yuma, AZ. We arrived here Thursday evening and are staying at the Scheckert YMCA RV Park in the Foothills. Chuck’s sister is here also and we have had some good visits with his parents. His dad is at a care facility in Yuma.


(Jan) From an early age, my mom taught me how to sew using the sewing machine and we worked on projects together such as making doll clothes and piecing together a crazy quilt. So, it was with great delight that I got to do a sewing project with my granddaughter Jessica last week. Jess is borrowing the dress I made for our town’s centennial for a school project and on Monday she and I made a little bag for her to match with the dress. What a fun time we had!
We had a wonderful visit with Eric and his family. Got to see Ryan play his guitar, celebrate Cheri’s birthday, see their newly finished basement and just have a really good visit. We stayed at a very nice Kane County Park near Elgin for three days before heading back to Iowa.

Friday, October 10, 2008

John Bernard Riesselmann

(Jan) My great great grandfather moved his family; wife Kathrina and sons Henry and Bernard,to the Guttenberg, Iowa area around 1855. They had 2 more children here, Joseph and Anna. John B., or Bernard as he was mostly known, died in 1860. Until this week we knew these ‘facts’ from family oral histories. On Tuesday Chuck and I found the probate records filed after his death at the Clayton County courthouse. He died at home December 18, 1860 leaving his young wife and 4 young children, the youngest 9 months old. It listed his property and we were able to get the land descriptions and find the land they owned in 1860. A Plat Map dated 1886 listed Kathrina still as being the owner of part of the original property plus additional attached acres. It also showed the approximate location of a dwelling on the property. We were able to find the land, a mile or two from the Mississippi river north of Guttenberg, plus where the homestead might have been. Exciting stuff!

This absolutely beautiful country! The hills are painted vividly with fall color and we spent many happy hours roaming the hills and walking along the Mississippi river on the levee from our campground to downtown Guttenberg.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Josh's visit

Last week-end our son Josh came to Iowa to visit and to attend a friend’s wedding. It was terrific having him here and catching up on all of his news. We had discussions about politics, economics and religion as well as the Great Father and Son Croc debate! On Sunday we went to Ames to visit Brent and Donna and family. Uncle Josh got to meet Madeleine who is now a healthy 9 pound 3 week old. Mom and baby are doing well and it was great to see everyone. After lunch, Josh challenged his nephews to a video game tournament and as usual, talk turned to technology and economics among the adults as it often does. Time moved much too fast and before long it was time to head back to Manning and then very shortly after for Josh to go on to Omaha to catch his flight back to Seattle. The house was quieter and just a tad lonely after he left.


Last fall before we planned on going south, we called a tree service to trim the three large maple trees that surround our farm house. They were extremely busy and didn’t get to us until this past week. There were two trees to the side of the house and one in the back that shaded the swing set where the boys and more recently the grandchildren spent many hours playing. Because the trees were so close to the house and showed signs of decay we decided this year that they needed to come down instead of being trimmed. Wow! What a difference! We now have one remaining maple tree about 35 feet northeast of the house and in good shapeWe will miss the beautiful trees and the shade they provided but unfortunately it was time for them to come down.
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