Friday, October 31, 2008

End of October

The weather in Yuma in October is HOT! It’s been reaching between 92 – 100 degrees each afternoon and air-conditioning is very welcomed if not a MUST. We parked at the Scheckert YMCA RV lot for the first 2 weeks and yesterday moved to a lot in the foothills. We’re on 53rd Street near Ironwood on a lot we stayed on several times last year. We’ll be here until Thanksgiving and will have some of the same neighbors as last year.

Chuck’s sister Jackie was here for a couple of weeks and we developed a regular routine of breakfast on Chuck’s mom’s patio, visiting Chuck’s dad at the Life Care center in Yuma and then supper back at Joanne’s (Chuck’s mom) house. On one of those evenings we helped Joanne celebrate her birthday! Chuck’s dad Gale is in a very nice facility and is receiving good care. We’ve been blessed to have this family time together.

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Jerry and Nancy said...

Very nice looking family!! Glad you are all having these times together.
Nancy and Jerry

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