Friday, October 10, 2008

John Bernard Riesselmann

(Jan) My great great grandfather moved his family; wife Kathrina and sons Henry and Bernard,to the Guttenberg, Iowa area around 1855. They had 2 more children here, Joseph and Anna. John B., or Bernard as he was mostly known, died in 1860. Until this week we knew these ‘facts’ from family oral histories. On Tuesday Chuck and I found the probate records filed after his death at the Clayton County courthouse. He died at home December 18, 1860 leaving his young wife and 4 young children, the youngest 9 months old. It listed his property and we were able to get the land descriptions and find the land they owned in 1860. A Plat Map dated 1886 listed Kathrina still as being the owner of part of the original property plus additional attached acres. It also showed the approximate location of a dwelling on the property. We were able to find the land, a mile or two from the Mississippi river north of Guttenberg, plus where the homestead might have been. Exciting stuff!

This absolutely beautiful country! The hills are painted vividly with fall color and we spent many happy hours roaming the hills and walking along the Mississippi river on the levee from our campground to downtown Guttenberg.


The Hurleys said...

Wow, what a find!! Love hearing these stories of discovering your history. John Bernard was quite an adventurer, just like his ancestor Jan.

Nancy said...

What I really meant was his "descendant", of course! (ha, ha:)

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