Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mittry Lake for Thanksgiving

(Chuck) We are at Mittry Lake which is about 12 miles North of Yuma, Arizona. It is a place where the Boomers have held the holiday gatherings over the years. This year we have been able to join in on the Thanksgiving Rang. We arrived here on Monday and I think we were the first on site. Soon other rigs drove in and I think we had a total of eight or nine rigs and several drive ins from town. I have to report that we did eat a considerable amount of food. If Thanksgiving is for “giving thanks” and consuming food, then we did a good job.

Today several of us went on a maintenance trip for a geocache that Ken and Sue Pace had placed a year ago. It was a fairly difficult three quarters of a mile hike to find the Cache. We did not locate the cache box and we concluded that it had been either vandalized or improperly re-hidden. At any rate Ken brought along a new container and log and it is once again available for any who may venture out on a daring hike. Ken rated the terrain as a 4 out of 5, and all I know is that is should be listed as “difficult.”

Tuesday and Wednesday the Yuma area had one of the larger rain storms that has been seen in years. A total of two and one half inches of rain was recorded at Patsy Cooks place in the Foothills. It must be official if Patsy recorded it! Streets were flooded and many places were under water for a short period of time. Our rigs were safe and sound here on the overlook at Mittry Lake. The power was off in Yuma for a while, however at Mittry we can report that we did not suffer any loss of electricity. We had a heavy fog this morning that lasted late into the morning. Now in the late afternoon the sky is that wonderful desert blue and the plants in our view are bright green. I wonder how long it will be until the desert flowers come out and give us a great show. A rain like the one we just had is just the right thing for the desert flowers. We can’t wait for the show. (Jan) Several of us girls have been doing a morning stretch routine and then going for a walk along the lake. We also have enjoyed played Golf, the card game. This morning at 11:00 it was time for brunch for the six couples left at Mittry Boomerville. We used our Thanksgiving left-overs to make turkey and ham soup + we shared lots of other goodies such as sweet potato pie and cheese cake with cranberry topping. We've been having the daily 4:00 Happy Hour and many nights we sit and visit around the camp fire in the evening. Life is good!

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