Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oct/Nov miscellaneous

The weather in Yuma October 16th when we arrived was up to 100 degrees during the day and high 70’s at night; definitely air-conditioner weather. The weather now is ‘just right’, 70’s and 80’s during the day and 50’s at night. More winter visitors arrive each day and the traffic here is getting much busier. We had been noticing a Microtel motel sign in October that advertised for $56/night. We had speculated on it rising for tourist season. Sure enough, as of November 1, the rate is now $76.

As many RVers know, many campgrounds and overnight spots seem to be very near railroads. We may have had our closest encounter to date. On our way down to Yuma we stopped at about 10:30 one night when we were too tired to drive any farther in Corona, New Mexico just off of the highway on the main street through town. Well, you guessed it…. We had just settled in for the night when the train came rumbling through. We knew the tracks were close but we couldn’t have been more than 8-10 feet from them. We felt the rig sway especially when the heavily loaded cars came by!

Ever buy a pair of shoes and get home with 2 different shoes? Yup, I did! On our way home from Chicagoland we stopped at an outlet mall because they have an Addidas store.
Got my shoes and then Chuck’s mom’s call came in so we were off to Yuma, AZ. I didn’t discover the error until we got down here! I called back to the outlet mall in Iowa and they asked if I could stop by to exchange them. Well, no……but since they had a sale for buy one-get the second one at half price and since they threw in a coupon and because they were just good people, they sent me the matching shoes for just $17.99 with no charge for shipping. I’m a happy customer!

At the beginning of September we bought diesel fuel in Colorado for $4.99 per gallon. Yesterday we filled up the truck for $2.69; much easier on the fuel budget.

We’ve continued walking. We have some friends who walk an hour a day, other friends who do 10,000 or 20,000 steps a day….very inspirational! Some days we get in 2 miles, sometimes 4 but usually do at least 30 minutes which for us is a mile and a half. Walking on the paved streets here in the Foothills is wonderful.

Last Tuesday we went to a Boomer gathering over at Patsy Cook’s house in the Foothills. Saw a few people we had met previously and found more new Boomer friends. Beautiful night, great food and good entertainment, too, as Patsy and her friend sang and performed for us. Yesterday we went over Arizona West to have coffee with Nancy and Gary Asplund; we had met them in Colorado this summer at Mosquitoville. So good to see them again and we had a wonderful visit.Our days continue to be spent with his mom visiting Gale at Life Care Center or at her house cooking the evening meal. It has been a privilege being here with them at this time.

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