Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gila Main Canal

(Chuck) The Colorado River is the lifeblood of this area. Without the river there would be no agriculture, and probably no Yuma , Arizona. There have been several dams built on the river to facilitate water distribution for agriculture. Before the dams were built, early in the twentieth century, river steamers would travel up the river during periods of high water all the way to Nevada. Things have changed since then; most of the water is siphoned from the river for humans and agriculture leaving only a shadow of what it once was. One of the minor canals is the Gila Main Canal and it is the east boundry of where the Boomers gather near Lake Mittry. The Gila Main Canal is engineered so that it goes through a series of “mountains” by a system of tunnels. Jan and I set out to find where the canal entered the mountain above the Boomer area. It was a 3.1 mile hike with a 703 foot elevation gain and it took us through some rugged country. We found the tunnel entrance, where is out flows by the Boomer area and also where it again goes through the mountain as it flows south.

On another hike we checked Ken and Sue Paces Geocach. That is a serious hike, with real bushwacking, that stopped several men the week before. I am proud to report that Jan made the trip with me.

This photo is for our good friends Dean and Judy Scheeley. They were some of the first to go on cross country hikes with us in Arizona . Dean told me of the names of several plants that are native to Arizona . One plant that always makes me think of him is the “Wait A Minute Bush”. I don’t think it is an official name, but it is the name that a person uses. When you are hiking through the brush and your shirt gets hung up on this bush that has big thorns on it, you tell your partner “Wait A Minute”. Then you unhook yourself and continue on your journey. Thanks Dean, we always smile when it happens to us.

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Dean said...

Thank You for posting your travels. Look forward to seeing both of you in Q Dean

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