Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas From Jan and Chuck

(Jan) Merry Christmas from both of us; where ever you are, home or traveling, with family or friends or out enjoying this beautiful country of ours, we wish you the very best.

Weather report…. -12 degrees and beautifully sunny. Sat. it snowed again and then the wind howled until Sunday night. It reminded me of the dust storms in Arizona; just change the dust to snow and make it life threateningly cold. When you live in the Midwest many conversations begin and end with what is going on with the weather. Lives, work, school and family celebrations all get planned or cancelled by ‘what’s the weather like today’?

Life inside the house is going right along. Christmas cards and e-mails are being sent, end-of year bookwork is being done. As we are here for a short time, meal preparation has been interesting as we try to eat nutritiously but not buy too many groceries that we will have to cart back to AZ or give away before we go. We’ve been seeing my parents in neighboring Halbur quite a bit. We will join them at my brother’s house for a Christmas Day celebration. On Saturday we will be at our son Brent’s house in Ames with our immediate family of 18! Eric and family will be coming in from Chicagoland, Josh and family are flying in from Seattle, We’re praying for decent weather and safe travel for them and for all who are traveling to be with family and friends. Can’t wait to see and hug everybody!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, We wish you all the best. See you next month! Pam

Anonymous said...

Since I can leave a comment, I will say Happy 40th Anniversary.
Here's to another 40. Love, R & L

Jerry and Nancy said...

You two are looking great! Hope your Christmas with the family was blessed with many treasured happenings.
Nancy and Jerry

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