Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boomer Notes - version 2.0

Each year several couples step forward to host Boomerville. This year’s very talented and organized crew includes John and Julie Black, Sue and Ken Pace, Bryan and Susan Lavender and Ken and Maryann Watson. Great job guys - Thank you!

So what did we do this week? Let’s start with the delicious food opportunities; a hot dog roast, Sunday morning brunch, chili lunch and pizza from the earth oven. We missed the wine tasting this year but got to sample goodies from the dutch oven cooking demo. We went for several long hikes and attended discussion groups on Healthy Food, Mexican travel and Internet Technology. A highlight this year was Karaoke night with Marshall and Ulli. It was a great night of singing and dancing around the campfire; some off key, some fabulous voices but a boisterous time was had by all.

Chuck and Dean S. headed up the road east about 3 miles to an abandoned quartz dig with an interesting variety of rock formations. The dig was approximately 4’ wide x 6’ high x 16’ horizontally. It was a good hike with great views of Boomerville and the Quartzsite valley below.

Early Monday morning Chuck headed down to Yuma to be with his mom for the day. She had out-patient carpel tunnel surgery. Everything went very well and she is on the road to being pain free.

Karen B. and I went into Q on a beading supply run with a tasty stop at the Bakery for coffee, tea and ‘bear claws’. Wow! I had no idea there were that many shapes, sizes, styles, textures, etc. of beads! The picture is of Karen and I outside of our rig. (notice my braided t-shirt?) Tuesday night the Lavenders invited us over to join their group for Bryan’s wonderful Jambalaya. It was a really fun night; great food, great people, hilarious stories and much laughter.

We’ve been hanging out with our pals, the Sheeleys, quite a bit. Whether it’s sharing suppers, a camp fire or visiting , it’s just been a joy to spend time together. Last night they began teaching us to play Hand and Foot. It’s sure a fun game and we’re looking forward to our second lesson tonight!

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Jim and Bobbie said...

We learned how to play Hand and Foot here in Bushnell and spend many fun nights playing. Now we have two new fun card games to play together.

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