Friday, January 23, 2009

Boomer Notes

(Jan) It’s just great being here at Boomerville. There’s so many great new people to meet and some favorite old friends to spend time with. With me at Happy Hour are a few of the girls; JoAnn, Susan, me, Ulli, Sue and Laura. Each day’s announcements take nearly half an hour as there’s so many activities planned for the following day.

Tuesday started off with the Doyle’s hosting an Inauguration Party complete with 2 televisions and a Potluck Brunch. We got to see Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President and listen to his speech. It was wonderful to share that historic moment with these fellow travelers. In the afternoon we had game day followed by a potluck! We joined Charlie and Gloria for a game of Golf. It was a sunny, windy day - note the rocks on each card to keep them from blowing away! The guys were in a close battle with Charlie coming out the winner. The potluck was one of the best we’ve been to. Wonderful variety and fabulous dishes.

Women’s group this week featured funny RVing stories. Our laughter could be hear all across the compound! Also, went to a very informative discussion on International travel. This group certainly has some savvy world travelers! Another fun activity was led by Jackie and had about a dozen girls cutting a row of slits in our tee-shirts and ‘braiding’ them. They turned out great! One evening we had a fun new couple over for a visit. Bruce and Dee hail from British Columbia and are just neat people.

Our friend Judy arrived back in the states from Peru and joined us here this week. It’s been interesting hearing about her adventures and travels. Other neighbors, who arrived yesterday, are Laurie and Odel King/Brown, membership coordinators for the Boomers. Pretty neat neighborhood we live in!

We went into Q yesterday to shop and to have lunch with friends. We went to the Mountain Quail Restaurant with Gary & Nancy and Sue & Dave. The food was very good and we had a fun time.

Look what we saw parked on Kuehn Street near the intersection with Hwy 95. It’s a $2 million 55+ foot boat that couldn’t make it under the I-10 Interstate overpass.


Jim and Bobbie said...

So enjoyed today's posting, very interesting. Where is Mountain Quail Restaurant as we don't remember it? Any photos of the braided tee-shirts?

Jerry and Nancy said...

Hi Guys, Enjoyed all your comments and updates on Q and Boomerville. Sounds like the usual stimulating people and activities. Keep enjoyin!Nancy and Jerry

Laura said...

Great blog. We are having a ball.

Anonymous said...

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