Monday, January 19, 2009

Boomerville 2009

(Jan) Driving into Boomerville at Quartzsite is a little like arriving at a family reunion. We stopped and were immediately greeted with hugs from Hosts John and Julie, Bryan and Susan and Ken and Sue. Next our friend Dean Sheeley arrived; who we hadn’t gotten to see since last March…..It’s good to be home!

We found a great place on the far south side and set up our house. Lots of sunshine for the solar, Dish network comes in perfectly, lawns rolled out; most of you know the routine! We’re parked over by Sheeleys, across the wash from the Dopps.

Next order of business was going over to check the ‘white board’ for the activities listed for the day and for the 2 weeks ahead that we will be here. Always plenty to do; walks each morning @ 9:00, beading & crafts each day & Happy Hour @ 4:00 each afternoon. Chuck has been to discussion groups on Solar and Boondocking. I’ve been to women’s group and Karen Bennett is teaching me to bead at crafts. She is an excellent teacher and my first project is a bracelet done with peyote stitch. (Did I say that right, Karen?) Gretchen and Bob are cooking pancakes several mornings for anyone who wants to join them and the Richard and Marlene are baking pizzas in their earth oven several evenings. Of course, there’s also a Potluck, chili get together, weenie roast and brunch at various times. Our friends Chris and Dean have said that it takes about 45 minutes to walk from their rig to the white board…..that’s because you have to stop and visit often along the way.

We’ve enjoyed fun evenings played Pegs and Jokers with the Paces and Websters who we were with at Mittry for Thanksgiving and having the Dengates over, whom we spent part of the summer with in Colorado. They’re all wonderful people to know.

A little bit more about the earth oven; Richard and Marlene built it last year when they were here. This year they added another layer of clay laced with straw and it has been kept busy baking everything from muffins to beans to bread to pizza. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

And one last note…this afternoon we attended a group discussion of Metaphysics moderated by former Dean Dean Caldwell. It was a very open and honest discussion about life’s experiences and believes. Fascinating people; fascinating life experiences.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Nice to see photos of Q and people we know who are there. Your bracelet is very pretty. I have updated our blog so take a peek. Had dinner with the Genos Saturday and going to DisneyWorld tomorrow with Nancy.

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