Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bosque

(Chuck) January 1, 2009. It seemed appropriate to start the New Year off right with some great Boomer friends. In this lifestyle it seems easy to meet like minded people. One couple that we consider good friends is Jerry and Nancy Hurley. They are volunteering at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico. The Refuge is on our way to Yuma and we scheduled our trip so we could stop and see them. It was only a one day visit, but it was a good “one day”. We follow each others blogs and that keeps us aware of each others activities. You can find their blog at Nancy is a very good writer and it is fun to follow their travels. She currently has a great story posted about a gal that brought her pet duck to swim with its wild cousins. I am sure you will enjoy it.

At 2:00 in the afternoon we went to a potluck dinner with the other volunteers who work at the refuge. There was a wonderful abundance of food. It was delicious and I am sure that we consumed our fair share.

The Bosque is 57,191 acres located along the Rio Grande River near Socorro, New Mexico. It features a system of canals which supply water to many divisions called units. These units are for both food production and shelter areas for the wildlife.

After the meal we drove the wildlife loop. There are many viewing areas and platforms which birders can observe the activities. At daylight the birds rise to travel to their feeding areas. Each evening before dusk the birds come down the valley in huge flocks to assemble in the ponds for the night. It was a great sight and a birders dream to watch the action that evening. Snow geese and Sand Hill Cranes are in the mix with other assorted geese and ducks. We were treated to a great show and I think we would like to come back when we can have a longer visit. Jerry and Nancy were gracious hosts and found a place for us to stay the evening. Thank you Hurleys, we will see you again down the road.

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Nancy said...

Your visit made the New Year come in especially well! Thanks for the nice words. It was great to share the refuge with you and to have some laughs, as usual. Hope to see you again soon.
Nancy and Jerry

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