Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lake Havasu City AZ

(Jan) One of the reasons we came up to Lake Havasu City was to see the Winter Blast. It is a fireworks show put on by the Western Pyrotechnics Association. We attended Saturday’s event and the show was fabulous. There were so many blasts going on at any one time, it was hard to know where to look and hard to get a decent photo. That afternoon we had arrived at Sarah Park around 2 o’clock. Betty was hosting a Boomer Birthday Party for Duane complete with a cake that read ‘Happy Birthday Ed’. The story is that she got it for half price at the grocery store because Ed died!

There were fireworks each night Wed. through Sun. and some of our friends went each night. We were having fun most afternoons hiking or sitting outside and then as the sun went down and it got cold, we headed to our rig for the evening. One night Bryan & Susan and Ken and Maryanne came over to play Skip-Bo. It was a fun evening and thanks to Maryanne’s incredible luck drawing wild cards, the girls won most games. On Sunday after church, Maryanne hosted a potluck at The Steps. We spent the afternoon eating and visiting with the Boomers who came to join us for the day. Later in the day Ken W and Ken P got out their guitars and we had a sing along. Dee, Bruce and I helped with the singing along with Maryanne and Susan joining in at times; everything from folk songs to country ballads to ‘Amazing Grace’. Wonderful!

Look who showed up one afternoon. These folks have a miniature bull and donkey that they have custom designed their van for! They take them from town to town to present shows.

On Monday it was moving day for many of us. We had coffee in the morning with Dee and Bruce and then everyone else came out of their rigs for ‘where are you headed’ and goodbye hugs. We headed up through LHC and parked at Craggy Wash. We were greeted by another group of Boomers who were here for Winter Blast and that evening we joined Ron & Sharon, Kathy & Bruce, John and Kay & Bernie for Spaghetti night at the local Elks Club. Tuesday night we had Happy Hour with Kevin and Deidre and enjoyed the evening meal with them.

We’re only 2 miles from Home Depot and Super Wal-Mart so we’ve gone in to pick up supplies and groceries. There’s a great opportunity for hiking here so we’re getting ready to get out and explore.

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