Friday, February 13, 2009

Shae/Steps Notes

After the rainy week-end at Shae Road we had a beautiful double raindow! It was one of the most vivid we’ve seen. Tuesday morning the weather started off bright and clear but chilly. Night time temps were in the 30’s so we waited until 11:00 to hike and climb the hills across the wash to the south of us. When we looked off to the northwest we could see snow on the peaks over in California.

Arriving back at our site we had a good chat with our neighbors Mickey, Bill and Kaaren. That afternoon the guys filled our holding tanks with water and Kaaren invited me in and taught me how to sew the closer on my beaded bracelet. She is a patient teacher and an exceptional beader. Thanks, Kaaren!

On Wed. after more visiting, we headed north to ‘The Steps’, BLM ground that is along Hwy 95 south of Lake Havasu City. It is a terraces landscape that was reported to be a development site several decades ago. The site is several hundred acres and a great place to boondock, hike and explore. Ever wonder what the top of your rig looks like? This is ours. You can clearly see the three solar panels, TV Antenna(folded position), furnace/AC unit, vent hoods for the fantastic fan in the kitchen and the vent in the bathroom and the shower skylight.

When we arrived here we were warmly greeted by fellow Boomers Ron and Bernita and enjoyed a good visit. Yesterday late morning Bruce and Dee stopped by! We went for a hike together and then had an impromptu co-op lunch. Yummy! An hour or so later Bryan and Susan arrived and joined us. We spent the afternoon laughing and comparing travel and boondocking stories. Pictured above are Bryan and Susan, Dee and Bruce and in front, Bernita, Ron and Chuck. Ken and Maryanne rolled in a while later so we pulled up more lawn chairs and continued sitting outside up until dark.

One final note; need a good way to corral those plastic bags that multiply in your cupboard? Chuck found this solution on a discussion forum on the web. It’s a quart size milk jug with the top cut off. It’s amazing how many bags can be stuffed in and it sure is neat and handy.

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