Wednesday, February 4, 2009

V.F.W. and Elks

We’re on our way to Parker for the Off Road 425 race; we’ll be boondocking somewhere along Shea road with the Boomers. We went to the time trails last year and had a good time.

Last Saturday morning, we said goodbye to the Sheeley’s at Boomerville and after a tour of Ron and Sharon’s bus and more goodbyes to several other Boomers, we were on the road to Yuma. Our first visit to the V.F.W. boondocking site was great; two days and only 7.5 miles to Joanne’s house. Chuck’s mom is doing well and healing nicely after her carpel tunnel surgery. We had both learned to play Hand and Foot this past month so had a good time playing several games.

Sunday morning we had another one of those ‘it’s a small world’ experiences when we were walking out of Mass. Got to talking to the couple next to us and it turns out that Judy and I graduated from the same High School, her aunt lived across the street from where I grew up in a town of 201 and her cousin lived 3 miles from our farm in Iowa. We’re also thinking we might be distantly related and are looking forward to comparing genealogy notes.

Monday and Tuesday nights were spent on the Elks RV lot in Gila Bend. Chuck is now an Elks member. There are 659 members at the Gila Bend Lodge; 130 are local members and 529 are mostly fulltime RVers. 317 of those RVers have a Livingston, TX address.

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Laura said...

Jan that is an awesome story.

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