Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to Shae and Q

On Friday afternoon we dumped our tanks and filled the rig with water at LH State Park and then headed back to Shae Road. The Paynes, Bennetts and Merrimans were boondocking there and we all went to have BBQ Ribs the next day at the Blue Water Casino in Parker. Good food and excellent company! Later that day and Sunday afternoon, too, we all sat outside to soak up the warm sunshine. We all had a fun time and Karen and Kaaren taught me some new beading tricks.

Monday morning we decided to head down to Q and found a great site at Plomosa Road on BLM ground. Our friends Bryan and Susan came out to visit as they are staying in Quartzsite. We ran into town to get beading supplies for me at a couple of stores, went to Herb’s Hardware and then we decided we were hungry so we headed to La Casa Del Rancho. Their Nachos are the best! We headed in to their place on Tuesday afternoon and played a game of Hand and Foot. We had both learned different rules but had a great time playing. They’re neat people and we enjoy our time with them.

Wednesday was moving day again for us. We have wanted to get back to Sindwinder over in California so after a stop to visit Joanne and pick up our mail we headed west on I8. It’s very nice here; quiet, gorgeous sunsets and great hiking. It’s the first time we have been by ourselves since Jan.19th! We took time to get a little bookwork done and do a few projects around the house. This is the set of our new frames with all of the grandkids and our family pictures in them.

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