Monday, March 30, 2009

Family and Friends

(Jan) There’s no way we can possibly describe how wonderful it was to have our son Eric, daughter-in-law Cheri and grandkids Ryan and Jessica come to visit. It was so very good to see them again! They arrived at Great Gramma Joanne’s house Thursday in time for a delicious roast beef and mashed potatoes noon dinner. We enjoyed visiting , touring around the Foothills and Yuma and then played some cards. We spent the evening swimming at their hotel at the Hampton Suites and then had a late supper at Cracker Barrell. The next morning Cheri, Jess and I went to the Arizona Market Place for a little ‘girl time’. We spent a fun morning looking around and cruising through the shops.

(Chuck) Eric, Ryan and I went to Sidewinder to hike on Friday morning. It is a favorite place of Jan’s and mine and I wanted to share it with the guys. We took a two hour trip up through the mountain and around the South side. It was a little windy but still a great outing with son and grandson that we enjoyed and will all remember. We had a chance to learn about the desert plants and experience a little more about the geology of the desert mountains. This summer Eric and Ryan will go on a Boy Scout trip to Virginia to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains . It will be a fifty mile five day trip. I am sure it will be a good time for them.

(Jan) We all came back to our place for lunch and visiting and played another round or two of Scat (Thirty-one). The kids got to enjoy some of the huge marshmallows and the strawberry candies we’d picked up in Mexico but all too soon it was time for them to return to San Diego for their flight back to Chicago. So sad to see them go but so happy to have had this time together.

After the kids left we headed over to a gathering at the Sheppard’s. It was a fun gathering with twenty or so other Boomer friends. Wonderful to see everyone again and, of course, great food!! We spent several hours laughing and playing Wii and cheering whoever was participating. It was sad to say good-bye for the winter but we'll sure look forward to seeing everyone again next fall.

The Meads and the Olivers moved onto the lot on 53rd Street so Saturday we had a good time visiting. Sharon and I beaded and Patsy stopped over to chat. That evening we went for a walk around the neighborhood and then sat by John’s fire.

On Sunday morning Joanne, Chuck and I went to church and then cooked and ate stir-fry together one last time. We’ve done that lots over the winter and it was a fitting meal for us to share once more. We’ve also enjoyed playing Hand and Foot so we had five good hands and lots of laughter. After we got back home we walked around the neighborhood and then had ice cream together with John and Twyla and Ron and Sharon.

We have been very blessed to be with family and all of the friends we’ve met this winter in Yuma. Today we will be on our way to Eastern Arizona and the Roosevelt Lake area where we will join our friends Dean and Judy.

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