Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 March Misc.

Looking back on our last blog entry, I see that it has been nearly 2 weeks since we have checked in. We were living in the Foothills, then spent 4 days back out at Sidewinder and now are back in the Foothills being ‘townies’ again. We’ve been enjoying spending time at Joanne’s house doing the usual; visiting, cooking, playing card and doing laundry. Oh! Did I mention eating ice cream? We love getting ice cream from the Mini Mart on Foothills, it’s a family tradition.

Also have gotten together with the Asplunds, Christensens and Sheppards a couple of times for cards and shared meals. Last Sunday we surprised Dan at their cassita for his birthday and last Wednesday we went downtown Yuma to the theatre for movies and popcorn. We strolled over to Lutes, a historic Main Street eatery for sandwiches. Good friends, good times!

Back out at the Sidewinder we did more hiking in the hills. We followed the main western water course up into the mountains and then hiked down different ways to get back to our rig. It started getting hot on Tuesday and although we love being out in the wide open spaces and the peace and quiet, we decided to move back into town on Friday and enjoy A/C and being plugged in. We’ve had good visits with Boomer friends the Marlers at Country Roads and the Paynes and Bennetts who are boondocking west of town.

We’re looking forward to a trip to Los Algodones tomorrow with friends. And later this week on Thursday our son Eric and family will arrive for a visit. We and Gramma Joanne are really looking forward to seeing them!


Anonymous said...

Hi; glad you include pics with your
blog, so I can get more vicarious
All good news here. It's spring.-we got back from Mall of A. and had a great time. Jayhawks going to Sweet-16.- Tommy and Janel expecting #2. Mom and Dad seem stable for the moment.
Sounds like you are having wonderful visits, including E/fam.
onThurs. say Hi fm Lv. Love,Linda

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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