Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Los Algodones

On Monday we went with a group of friends across the border to Los Algodones, Mexico. Many of us needed to look for glasses or have teeth cleaned and there are many Dentist and Optometrists to choose from. Our friend Kaaren had recommended a dental group where she had just had some work done so that is where we headed. After checking in, we headed back to the waiting area and were surprised to find more Boomer friends there; Ron, Sharon, John and his girlfriend.

We headed to a plaza area next to soak up the sun and refreshments. The Plaza has live music and patio tables with big umbrellas; a perfect place for a visit on a warm afternoon. Pictured are Carl, Dan Jenny and Linda in front, Chuck Joey, Don and Nancy in back. We all went different directions after that, most of us to do a little shopping, while Chuck, Dan and Don headed for the waiting line to save places for us to get back across the border.

The wait to get through customs was about an hour and a half. And a fun wait it was!! Here's Gary, Jenny, Joey, Jan, Nancy, Carl, Linda, Dan and Don. Lot’s of laughing and camaraderie. One of the things that makes the wait interesting is that young vendors toting wares wind their way through the line selling everything from jewelry to pottery to candy. I admired a horse one of the lads was carrying. Big mistake! Our friend Carl tried to help me get a good deal on it. He was pretty positive that I should be buying that horse!
Our friend Linda was looking at some ‘name’ bracelets from another young man. She said that she was looking for Hannah and he didn’t have one. ‘No problem.’ He proceeded to make one for her on the spot and 10 minutes later she was joining us back in the line. Here you can see us near the front of the line which is several blocks long. The bougenvillas along the awning covered walkway are just glorious this time of year.


Jerry and Nancy said...

What a great day in Algodones! Nice to read this story and see you guys keeping up the tradition south of the border. And your banner photo is another good one.
Take care, Nancy and Jerry

Anonymous said...

thanks for the vicarious trip to
Algodones, which I now know is in
Mexico. Hope your visit with E/fam
is great. Better there than in
Chicago or Ia. Talk to you soon.
Love, your sistiugler, Linda

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