Thursday, March 12, 2009

Telegraph Pass

(Jan) Telegraph Hill dominates the skyline to the east of Yuma and you can see the the winding service road that goes to the top from many places around town.

Yesterday we took on the challenge of hiking to the summit. The parking lot elevation where we started is 474 feet. The first 2 miles is a good hike up a dry stream bed and through the hills to the gate at the bottom of Telegraph hill, elevation 708. Beyond the gate is ¾ mile of steep upgrade. The rough cement road is the only way for vehicles to get to the top for servicing all of the communication towers. The road must be a 30 percent incline in places and it’s just a brutal climb. The last 3000 feet has 644 feet rise in elevation. As we rounded the last curve in the road and climbed the last 10 feet to the summit of 1539 feet, the panoramic view to the east opened up in front of us. We were able to see the town of Wellton and 40 miles or so to the next mountain ridge. To the west below us lay The Foothills (where we’re presently staying), Yuma and Pilot Mound in California. We visited with fellow hikers at the summit and one of the gals said she does this hike twice a week and it never gets any easier! Another fellow said that he was using this hike as a training run for another hike to a WWII airplane crash site. Wow!
We started down after signing the hikers log book at the top. Going down was not any easier and hard on the knees so we just took it slowly. When we rejoined the trail beyond the service road, we enjoyed seeing many beautiful Ocotillo, Brittle Bush and Beavertail Cactus blooming along the way, as well as Blue Phacelia carpeting sheltered places in some areas. After the winter rains, these plants are coloring the desert in a spring time show of color.

This was much different from most of the hikes we take. It was a defined path and then a rough service road. It wasn't pretty and we just had to 'slog' it out. The total hike was 5 and half miles and we arrived back at our vehicle exhausted but happy that we had done it!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mon. morning to both of you,
The pictures of the plants on your hike are beautiful. And pictures
never do reality justice. The views
pretty spectacular too. You guys must be in pretty good shape for that marathon hike.
It is spring here and just starting to get pretty.We worked
in the yard yesterday and burned
our winter collection of stuff.
It feels so good to be outside
again.I can see you nodding your
heads. later.......Linda

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