Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009

(Jan) We spent a very pleasant Sunday and Monday morning at the BH site. I had gotten sunburned on Saturday so Chuck made several leisurely strolls out rockhounding while I beaded and read in the rig. Monday afternoon we arrived at the SKP Park - Dream Catcher RV in Deming NM. It’s a nice RV park a great stop over for those of us traveling east and west. We picked up our mail that we had sent General Delivery to Deming and got the wash done. Our new neighbors had pulled in about the same time we did, so we had a fun visit with them and then made a run to Walmart. Notice the enormous white blooms on the Yucca plant in the photos. Beautiful!
The next morning we enjoyed the Breakfast Buffet at the Holiday Inn next door. Fabulous! Fresh fruit, made-to-order omelets and as much bacon as I could eat! And of course, on Chuck’s plate there was also fluffy biscuits and gravy with sausage. All very good! We traveled south to visit Rockhound State Park and the Springs Picnic area after that. Hiking in the springs area on a steep abandoned road helped us walk off a little of that wonderful breakfast. It had quite a view of Deming to the north. The road to get to the Springs area was a 17% grade!

The temps in Deming this time of year are in the 90’s so we took advantage of the swimming pool next door which comes as part of the RV park package. Can you say COLD!? The water was very cold but invigorating! We splashed around for awhile, sat in the sun to catch our breath and then went in again. Our body temps were down after that so our evening walk around the park felt good.
(Chuck) We left Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming , NM Wednesday. Our destination was Carlsbad Caverns . We have not visited the caverns and it was on our list. The road took us through El Paso , Texas. At one point the road is next to the Rio Grande River and you can look directly into Ciudad Juarez , Mexico . The streets are dirt and narrow and it seems to be an unorganized assembly of buildings. On top of that, it is a border town with a horrible attraction of drugs and drug criminals who desire to bring their goods into the USA for sale. We provide the market and it heaps loads of misery upon both sides of the border.In any event, we journeyed on and stayed the night at Guadalupe Mountains National Park . It is a picturesque mountain range on the plains. It offers a variety of mountain hikes and it features the highest point in the State of Texas at 8749 feet elevation. We stayed in Pine Springs Campground. It was nothing more than a blacktop parking lot with lines drawn for camping spaces. Our site was at the edge of the campground and we were rewarded with a killer view.
As usual, we met another slice of Americana on our travels. Parked next to us were Robert and Cyndi. They are traveling the US with their four children ages 5 through 12. They are loving life and providing a great home schooling experience for their children. We wish them the best and look forward to hearing of their successes in the future.

On Thursday we drove up to the Carlsbad Caverns and toured the cave. We entered the Natural Entrance where the caverns were first discovered. It was a one mile journey down a winding path, switch backs many times, through large rooms and small walk ways down 750 feet to the central elevator area that takes you back up to the visitors center. From that central area we walked the Big Room 1.3 mile trail. What incredible stalagtites, stalagmites and 'popcorn' features, all at a constant 56 degrees. The colors were not as vivid as I expected, but it was simply the best cave experience that we have had. The following pofessional pictures are from the National Park website.

Highway 285 took us North and we stopped for our first visit to The Ranch SKP park in Lakewood New Mexico . The temperature was over 90 degrees today and it seemed necessary to use the air conditioner. This is the first time that we have been plugged into shore power since the 29th of March. That would be 25 days. We are dedicated boondockers and I kind of hated to break the non-electricity streak, but the AC sure feels good. We will stay the night here and tomorrow find our destiny in Roswell , New Mexico . This is one of the foremost sites of UFO investigation and I am looking forward to having a near normal experience. So unless you see us on the Sci Fi channel, we will report back a few days from now. Happy Trails…
(Jan) A Footnote - I want to wish my husband and the best traveling companion ever a very Happy 60th Birthday. He's a loving man and my rock!



Jerry said...

60!! Man I thought you were older than that !!! Jerry

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, 60 ain't
nothin'.Happy, birthday,
Chuck. I'm sure it was because
you were spending it just
the way you wanted to.
Happy trails til we meet again
Love, Rciahrd and Linda

Dean said...

Happy Birthday, Chuck. Judy and I had always wondered when your birthday was. 60 seems a lot younger now. 2 more years and you get the pass of a lifetime, the Golden Age. Stay Cool, Love to both of you

Dean & Judy

Dean and Judy Sheeley said...

Finally got around to reading your blog: Happy Birthday to you - you've caught up to me! Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time. Love Judy S.

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