Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Move in AZ

(Jan) Friday evening Chuck and I went to Good Friday services at Payson; very lovely and the music was heart rending.

We came home to more pick-ups, people and dogs with one rig parked right next to ours with a big contractor generator running. We had just enough room to get our pick-up in next to our rig and had to walk through dog doo-doo to get to our door. All this in a huge area with plenty of room to spread out! Ah, the joys of Boondocking.

On Saturday we headed down to beautiful Lake Roosevelt and stayed at Cholla CG. It was rainy on Saturday but Sunday the sun came out and it was a lovely day. We went to Mass at St.Theresa’s Chapel for Easter Sunday services. The chairs were set outside in a small yard under a big tree with flowers blooming around the walk and friendly community in attendance.

We stayed three days there and went to the visitors center, went down to the dam and bridge area and up to the Tonto Cliff Dwellings again. We saw a rare crested saguaro on the hill side off to the right of the visitors center as you face the dwellings. We also took long walks and enjoyed all of the different cactus and flowers that are blooming. My favorite is the Apricot Globe Mallow. This time of year they are coloring the hills along with the yellow brittle bush. Many of the cactus are beginning to bloom. This is a prickly pear flowering and with lots of buds just ready to burst into bloom.
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When our grandson Ryan was here, he wanted to see the ‘usual’ saguaro cactus with an arm on each side. This area has many saguaro but we had to keep looking to find the right one for Ryan. It’s amazing how many branches some of the saguaro have!

Yesterday we headed SW to the Safford area. We’re boondocking at N32.79393 W109.59303 - 3120 feet elevation. Today we will head down to the Hot Well Dunes Recreation area.

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