Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Roswell to Kansas

(Chuck) When we last checked in we were at The Ranch. Some of you will know this is the SKP park at Lakewood, New Mexico. It is a nice place, but I wouldn’t want to live there. The people were very friendly, it was great to walk around the park, it was quiet, but everybody seemed to be in that phase of life that they wanted to be in one place and they were all at least one generation older than us. Here are a few photos of some of the Agave americana plants in the park. They are commonly called Century plants. The stems are just gigantic compared to the plant that sprouts them.

Our next stop was of course at the UFO Museum and Research Center. Here are a few photos of the place. I think that it is a good financial asset for the community. We left Roswell, New Mexico with a clear conscience and a puzzled look on our faces. I don’t think there is any danger that those people will crack the code………

As some of you know, I have confided that I am from a different planet. I have never really fit in with conventional people. When everybody runs to one side of the boat, I move to the other side. I am often times a contrarian when it comes to financial matters, and as Joey Christensen says, “You’re not just another pretty face.” Two years ago, after a great deal of pressure from my granddaughter Jessica, I quietly told her my home planet was Naboo. I don’t think that she ever looked it up, so I think the secret is safe. At any rate she has a grandfather who is from another planet and an uncle who is a robot. Jessica, you have an interesting future ahead of you.

The next night was 25 April, Santa Rosa State Park, NM BD NAC $10.00 (N 35.03588 W104.68922) 4830’. The NAC means that there was no air card. It is amazing how a person gets accustomed to having internet access and if we are in a spot without it we feel deprived. We feel the same about cell phones. We like them and want to have them available. I am around people who are on vacation and they complain about their phone ringing. I tell them to turn it off. Sometimes life is just too simple. The next night was spent in Liberal, Kansas. It was a Wal-Mart stop and that was the fourth time we have done that. It is not a regular part of our travels, but sometimes it seems to fit in. 26 April, Liberal, KS, Wal-Mart FB (N37.06648 W100.91877) 2980’
That brings us to today, Melvern, KS, Arrow Rock CG, COE FB (N 38.48923 W095.76115) 1050’. Last nights stay was one of the quietest of the last week. We are in a Corp of Engineers Campground that is not open for the season yet. It is a beautiful spot on a lake and we are the only ones here. There are no services turned on yet, so it is FB (Free Boondocking) and it is glorious. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. We will leave here today and travel to Jan’s sister in Lansing, KS. That will be one of our last stops before our stay at the farm in Iowa. We will be there until the first of July and it will be a good time for Jan to be with her parents who are in their 80s and 90s. At this time they live in their own house and will enjoy the time with Jan and I. We're also looking forward to spending time with each of our sons and families. Happy Trails …. Chuck and Jan


Cheri said...

Don't forget your exotic pets (large mammals, I believe). One can only "dream". I'm not sure Jess has heard about that. It must be put on the list for future conversations.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Cheri, You must mean Salazar the Elephant! Chuck

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