Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rye - Part I

Eleven days ago we headed east and then north towards Rye,AZ. Our 300+ miles took us on a beautiful journey through the lower desert east of Yuma and the Sierra Ancha mountains east of Phoenix. Highway 60 east of Superior and Hwys. 88 and 188 through the Lake Roosevelt area are breath taking drives. Although the flowers weren’t as numerous as last year, we were still treated to a lovely show of wild flowers.

We arrived at our Boondocking site NW of Rye to be greeted by good friends Dean and Judy. So good to see them again! Friends of theirs, Sally and Greg were here for a couple of days, also, and it was fun to get to know them.

Our nine days together just flew by! Dean and Chuck went out gold prospecting several days; hard work, fun, exciting but this year not real successful. Judy and I plus their little dog Chica went out on several long walks. A couple of the days the guys joined us and we had fun picking a new path each day and getting out and exploring. Judy also learned how to bead! We had fun sharing the past time in-doors and out in the sunshine (and using the pick-up as a wind break) while the guys talked solar energy and compared notes about our rigs.

One day Dean needed to run down to see his dentist in Phoenix. He and Chuck made a Bass Pro and Trader Joe stop as well as visiting a very good deli for lunch. Judy and I took the day to shop through several second hand stores and make a Walmart run. Our lunch stop took us to a good Mexican place.

It turned off very windy so Friday after our walk we holed up in our rig in the afternoon and played Hand and Foot. We had played two games over at Dean and Judy’s with the guys winning both. This day the girls came out the winners. So, tied at 2-2 we’re all set up for the final game. That evening we headed down to the Rye Bar and Restaurant for one of the best fish fries we’ve gone too! This was our second trip of the week; three days before we had gone down with Greg and Sally for our evening meal. Neat place.

Saturday we headed out on the forest road running north and meandered through the hills. The road took us past several interesting rock outcroppings, a pretty pool, and a forest stop for our noon picnic. We also scouted out the co-ordinates for the Mineral Springs Ridge geocache and drove that direction. We then hiked up a ‘hill’ .95 miles and 590 feet elevation to find it! Quite a climb and a million dollar view of snow in the mountains and the valley below.
Sunday Chuck and I went into Payson to attend Mass for Palm Sunday. St. Phillips is a much smaller church than the church we usually go to in Yuma but it was packed. The rest of the day was spent visiting with Dean and Judy, beading, grilling dinner and playing that all important 5th game of Hand and Foot. To be continued.........

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