Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family Fun

Last week-end was Family Time for us as we were at son Brent and daughter-in-law Donna's house for our grandson, Michael's First Communion Celebration. We arrived Saturday mid morning. There was so much to talk about and catch up on. The kids are all growing and changing. Little Madeleine is just a joy to hold and has just learned to crawl. We were joined by Donna's parents and our son Eric, his wife Cheri and their kids. Dinner was wonderful and the visiting and hugs so very special.

Michael had help from his sister Anne opening his gifts and cards. The kids went across the street to the park to play for part of the afternoon but the boys, Michael, Stephen and Ryan also spend time down stairs playing games at the family computer lab. It was a warm sunny day so it was nice to be able to go from indoor to out on the deck or to the park. Here's Grampa with his two oldest granddaughters Jessica and Katie and again with sons Eric and Brent.

The following two pictures are of Donna with daughter Madeleine and Cheri and Eric. Grampa and Brent are in the other with Michael, Libby and Anne. All too soon the afternoon melted away and it was time for Eric and Cheri, Ryan and Jess to head back to Chicago land. We were parked at Ledges State Park and spend the rest to the day taking walks and looking through the days pictures we had taken.
Sunday morning we headed back to Brent and Donna's after church to spend a little more time with them. We colored and sang songs with the grandkids. Eric and Cheri had brought flowers for me the day before for Mother's Day and on Sunday Brent and the kids gave Donna and I flowers. Very pretty and i've been enjoying them all week.

Monday was travel day for us, with a stop in Halbur to see my folks. The week flew by; more time with mom and dad, doctors visits for Chuck and I and a fun visit with friends Ron and Edna. Thursday we moved up to Yellowsmoke Lake near Denison; a pretty little county park with great walking trails. We're here with friends Jim and Jerri and Lynn and Mary.

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Jerry and Nancy said...

Beautiful family photos!
Enjoyed seeing all the happenings in your life in Iowa.
Nancy and Jerry

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