Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yellowsmoke Notes

Our ten days at Yellowmoke Park near Denison, Iowa was a relaxing time. We enjoyed walking, kayaking , fishing and visiting with friends. Chuck, Lynn and Jim got together several morning for coffee, some days in chilly weather and many days in the beautiful sunshine.
Chuck and I walked the 4 mile trail from the lake to the edge of Denison and back on Saturday morning. It was fun to see a herd of deer in the woods grazing as we went by. We also walked the 2 mile trail around the lake and through the woods several times. Beautiful!

Mary had brought her kayaks along and she and I went out. What fun! It was so wonderful gliding across the water from on end of the lake to the other. Chuck and Jim went out, too.

I had been telling the girls about my beading hobby and, soon we were all starting a new bracelet. Mary, Jerri and Her daughter Mindi caught of very quickly and we enjoyed a couple of fun afternoons together. Thanks to my teachers Karen and Kaaren!

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