Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moore family time!

(Jan)What could be more fun than having the energy of grandkids in the house? Our son Josh, daughter-in-law Sarah and grandkids Alison and Isaac arrived at our house Sunday to stay for several days. We were joined by our son Brent, daughter-in-law Donna and grankids Stephen, Katie, Michael, Anne, Libby and Madeleine for Sunday dinner and then had a fun afternoon of visiting, softball games and outdoor activities.
The following day we headed over to Ames for a Pizza party at Brent and Donna's followed by a visit to Reiman Gardens. RG is a wondeful 40+ acre garden completer with indoor conservatory and butterfly wing. A special dinosaur exhibit kept the kids hunting for all of the dinosaurs displayed around the grounds. Here they are posing by the T-rex bronze skull; Isaac, Libby, Ali, Katie, Stephen, Annie Michael and Maddie.
On Tuesday we made a stop a our local city park. Ali and Isaac had alot of fun with all of the play equipment and running from one place to the next. We headed home for lunch after Sarah and I did a little grocery shopping. Alison had done a little shopping of her own and surprised me with a very lovely basket of daisies! In the afternoon we prepared for a family evening with my brothers and sister.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A busy week

(Jan) It's been a busy week! We have been planning to return to Yellowsmoke near Denison for a couple of weeks and on Sunday through Thursday we had an enjoyable time with the Muhlbauers, Phillips and Odendahls. We girls had fun kayaking.; thanks Mary! Also, visiting, playing Mexican train, hiking, a trip to DQ for Blizzards and eating were favorites.

Pictured at Steak Fry night are Edna, Ron, Lynn, Chuck and I + Jim, Mary, Beth, Mike and Bob. Edna and I joined friends, Nancy, Becki and Betty at Rancho Grande Wednesday night for Betty's birthday and some great margaritas and Mexican food.

My mom had some health problems this week, too, so we have been spending some time with them and getting them started with some help from an area nursing service.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Saylorville Dam was constructed on the Des Moines River by the Corp of Engineers in 1965 and became fully operational in 1977. The dam created Saylorville Lake, a haven for all recreational uses, 11 miles north of downtown Des Moines. The lake at normal levels is 836 feet above sea level, a 5950 acre or 9.3 square mile lake; flood stage on July 11, 1993, levels were at 892.03 and 16,700 square feet or 26.1 square miles. Great Flood of 1993
On Sunday evening we arrived at one of Saylorville’s Corp of Engineer Campgrounds, South Prairie Flower. It’s a beautiful manicured park with very generous campsites. We were greeted by friends Sally and Gregg, whom we had met this spring through mutual friends Dean and Judy. Sally and Gregg are traveling the Midwest visiting their family and seeing the sights. We had a wonderful time talking, laughing and sharing travel stories.
We also found out that Boomer friends, Charlie and Gloria were in this area so on Monday we headed down to Adventureland in Altoona for Happy Hour. What a great gathering! So good to see Charlie and Gloria again and meet Boomers Russ and Jane. Both couples are working at Adventureland for the summer. Prospective Boomers, Sally and Gregg fit right in. In back: Chuck, Jan, Jane, Charlie and Gregg; In front: Darrell, Gloria and Sally.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Illinois Moores

(Jan)We arrived in Lake in the Hills, Illinois on Tuesday to join son Eric, daughter-in-law Cheri and grandkids Ryan and Jessica for dinner, grilled to perfection on Eric’s new Weber grill. Tuesday was Ryan and Jessica’s last day of school so they were able to come join us at Paul Wolff campground for a couple of days. Paul Wolff is a beautiful campground in the Burnidge Preserve in Kane County near Elgin. We made good use of most of the hiking trails,logging 9.5 miles. We hiked on Wednesday and geocached on Thursday. The weather has been a little chilly but perfect for hiking. Evenings were spend around the campfire. The wood was pretty wet but Grampa and Boy Scout Ryan prevailed! Last evening Eric and Cheri joined us for steaks and cake in honor of their 14th Anniversary. It’s really great getting to spend some time with all of them! Today we will head up to their house for more visiting and fun times.

Prairie Rose

(Jan) After having a nice lunch with friends Nancy, Becki and Edna last Thursday, Chuck and I headed to Prairie Rose State Park near Harlan, Iowa. Prairies Rose is a beautiful, manicured campground along the east shore of Prairie Rose Lake. We were joined by friends Ron and Edna, Gary and Karen and Tom and Maureen. The next day our friend Jim arrived as well as other ‘locals’ Pam and Butch, Myra and Jim and Ray and Nancy. What fun! Walking, visiting, fishing and campfires; we enjoyed just relaxing and spending time together. And eating! And more eating! The guys out did themselves with Sunday Brunch; eggs, potatoes with smokie sausages and pancakes all over wood fires.

Monday found us having lunch with my mom and dad in Halbur before we headed east, Chicago bound. We stayed overnight in Lost Nation, Iowa. One branch of Chuck’s ancestors, the Grundmeier family, had established themselves in Lost Nation in the early 1900’s.
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