Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moore family time!

(Jan)What could be more fun than having the energy of grandkids in the house? Our son Josh, daughter-in-law Sarah and grandkids Alison and Isaac arrived at our house Sunday to stay for several days. We were joined by our son Brent, daughter-in-law Donna and grankids Stephen, Katie, Michael, Anne, Libby and Madeleine for Sunday dinner and then had a fun afternoon of visiting, softball games and outdoor activities.
The following day we headed over to Ames for a Pizza party at Brent and Donna's followed by a visit to Reiman Gardens. RG is a wondeful 40+ acre garden completer with indoor conservatory and butterfly wing. A special dinosaur exhibit kept the kids hunting for all of the dinosaurs displayed around the grounds. Here they are posing by the T-rex bronze skull; Isaac, Libby, Ali, Katie, Stephen, Annie Michael and Maddie.
On Tuesday we made a stop a our local city park. Ali and Isaac had alot of fun with all of the play equipment and running from one place to the next. We headed home for lunch after Sarah and I did a little grocery shopping. Alison had done a little shopping of her own and surprised me with a very lovely basket of daisies! In the afternoon we prepared for a family evening with my brothers and sister.

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