Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Saylorville Dam was constructed on the Des Moines River by the Corp of Engineers in 1965 and became fully operational in 1977. The dam created Saylorville Lake, a haven for all recreational uses, 11 miles north of downtown Des Moines. The lake at normal levels is 836 feet above sea level, a 5950 acre or 9.3 square mile lake; flood stage on July 11, 1993, levels were at 892.03 and 16,700 square feet or 26.1 square miles. Great Flood of 1993
On Sunday evening we arrived at one of Saylorville’s Corp of Engineer Campgrounds, South Prairie Flower. It’s a beautiful manicured park with very generous campsites. We were greeted by friends Sally and Gregg, whom we had met this spring through mutual friends Dean and Judy. Sally and Gregg are traveling the Midwest visiting their family and seeing the sights. We had a wonderful time talking, laughing and sharing travel stories.
We also found out that Boomer friends, Charlie and Gloria were in this area so on Monday we headed down to Adventureland in Altoona for Happy Hour. What a great gathering! So good to see Charlie and Gloria again and meet Boomers Russ and Jane. Both couples are working at Adventureland for the summer. Prospective Boomers, Sally and Gregg fit right in. In back: Chuck, Jan, Jane, Charlie and Gregg; In front: Darrell, Gloria and Sally.

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