Sunday, August 9, 2009


1August09 113 (Jan) Today is travel day for us. We will be saying good-bye to the Sheeley's after a very nice week. The weather here has been a little of everything; sunshine, hot, rainy, hailing, windy, cold and back to a beautiful warm sunshine. The scenery is incredible and being here with friends has made this time very special.

Last Thursday was 'Animal Day.' 6August09 006 We and the Sheeley's headed off toward Moose to see moose! As we crossed the bridge heading into the village there were lots of tourists on the bridge and on the river bank which usually means an animal sighting. And there he was; a large male moose on the side of the river just posing for pictures. It's as close as we have seen a moose and we were excited!

6August09 008 We visited the Moose Village Visitors Center next before heading up to Jenny Lake to hike along the shore. And at the end of the hike there he was; a black bear wandering down the hill, across the trail and down to the water to get a drink. He sauntered back up the hill, over the path fairly near us and back up to cross the road and go off into the forest again. Wow, what a thrill. DSC03322 But we had one more surprise in store. We sighted another moose on the Wilson road. It was large female and she stood patiently eating grasses out of a pond drawing a fair size crowd of tourists.

Friday evening we joined the Merryman's for a Happy Hour/ Appetizer Supper. What fun to see them again and join them for a good visit and then a card game of Golf. Martha also taught us how to play The Whole Enchilada. That's a fun game, too. Saturday was another chill-out day of walking, beading for the gals, fixing stuff for the guys and a great Italian Sausage Soup dinner by Judy.

Yesterday started off rainy and very cold so we stayed under our down comforter a little longer than usual. We walked late in the morning with the Sheeleys and then enjoyed being outside in the afternoon as the sunshine finally reappeared. DSC03331 That evening we, the Sheeleys and Merrymans traveled down the hill to the Heart 6 Ranch for some fabulous buffalo burgers and the best french fries and onion rings we've had in awhile. The next couple of photos are Judy’s. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

DSC03330 Next on the agenda was Cowboy Church over at the Diamond Cross ranch. Grant Golliher, horse whisperer and trainer, offers a non-traditional Sunday evening service focusing

9August09 002on trust and living within God's rules and demonstrating this lesson with his horses. The service also included music and prayer and was very interesting.

From here we are headed to Idaho to see another friend and then on to the Columbia River valley and Seattle.

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Sally Schindel said...

Glad to see you dressed for cool weather, now that we are back in HOT and HUMID. We must remember that we'll find cool again...
I love animal sightings! Wish we could have been there for your perfect day.
Travel well,
Love, S

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