Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lynnwood, WA

(Chuck)  It has been almost ten days since we have checked in. Sorry for the delay, however we have been pretty busy. We spent a few quiet days 22August09 040at my sister’s Jackie and Butch’s place in Renton, WA. One day we took the Mt. Rainier scenic drive through Enumclaw through Mt. Rainier National Park and out west by way of Paradise. The visitor centers were excellent, and it was a beautiful sunshine day to be at the mountain.

 24August09 016


Soon we journeyed up 405 to Lynnwood. We spent two days with Josh and Sarah until we took them to the airport for their ten day trip to Greece and Israel. They will have a wonderful time on their journey to the Holy Land and Greece.


That meant it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to attempt to regain the instincts of thirty years ago. We are now in sole possession of two precious little human beings. It has been a good experience to regain all that it takes to love, discipline and care for a two and four year old. Things are going very well, but I must tell you it is quite a change from the full time RV life that has maximum flexibility. We always say that our plans are written in Jell-O, however that doesn’t work for this gig. We have a schedule of meals, activities and naps. It is at the naps that they take the unfair advantage of recharging on you. They seem to hit the ground running just when you catch your breath. It is no wonder that younger people raise kids.

24August09 01924August09 023

Yesterday we had an outing to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks or locally known as The Ballard Locks. The locks maintain the separation of about twenty feet between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of Lake Union and Lake Washington. Incorporated with the locks is a fish ladder to allow the salmon to migrate to their spawning beds upstream. We had a good time at the viewing window watching the salmon.

We have had a very good time with the children. It is a good experience to be with them. I suspect when Mom and Dad return, G & G will be ready to pass quietly on our way again. Until then we will add to these pages so Mom and Dad can occasionally catch a glimpse of the kids.  Happy Trails


Jim and Bobbie said...

What beautiful photographs!!! Wish you well babysitting the Grandchildren....better you than me (ha-ha). Bobbie

Anonymous said...

Time well invested....for both
parties. Looks like you are all
having a good time, and learning
too. Would love to hear about
Josh and Sarahs trip sometime in
the future. Love, Linda

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